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The easiest way to manage all your prescriptions in one place.

About Us

Managing prescriptions is hard! You have to drive to the pharmacy to buy them and then remember taking the right prescription at the right amount and time. Well, not anymore.

Helping you to
stay healthy

Out of the box, My preceptor give you the ability to organize, receive and remember prescriptions to focus only on what matters.


Add new prescriptions with optional advance detailed information about each prescription for having them beautifully organized where ever you go.


Buying or refilling prescriptions have never been easier! Just take a picture of your prescription then we will take of delivery to your doorstep.


You and your family will never miss a perscription again with the alarm feature that especially designed for prescriptions.

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The following screen shots shows the progress so far. More pages is currently under development.

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Meet the Team

Mountain View

Kamil Kamili



Mountain View

Rami Mithalouni



Mountain View

Suad Ajmal


Idea Maker/Engineer